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The Slip Seat Diary
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Friday, June 26th, 2015
10:05 pm
Eight days in Spain
We made a trip to Spain with Insight Travel in mid June 2015 and here is a narrative I prepared - will include it here since I'm not keeping up with the trucking stories very well - and not doing much in the way of driveaway work.

We're back from Spain.   - back to reality and no more fancy hotels and no more  Tour Director, Felipe de Olviera, counting heads to make sure his little flock is still together.  We miss him already.   

Forty people on the tour - I thought we'd be the youngest but we were closer to being the oldest - international group with others from South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada as well as US.  Tour was by Insight Travel - a London firm - we had booked it through a partner firm called Grand European Tours of Lake Oswego OR - all done by internet and email. 

The only glitch was before we even left KC  - thunderstorms on Thursday June 4th meant our flight to PHL was cancelled so we instead left out of MIA the next day and that cost us our extra day in Barcelona but it didn't interfere with the tour itself of Barcelona, Valencia, Granada, Seville and Madrid.  Dave of Grand European Tours managed a rebooking that essentially saved the trip. When our original flight out of  KCI was cancelled  I was working with the US Air counter agent at KCI and at same time I was on the phone with  Dave in Lake Oswego.    

He did what the counter agent could not do and she was very surprised when I told her to call up our locator number one more time and she saw Dave's successful rebook.  There were no seats to the east coast, no seats to Spain but Dave found a way.    She asked me to thank him for getting us to Barcelona.  Thank you Dave by cc on this message. Please pass it on to your Manager.    

The tour format was daytime bus travel and city and site tours on foot then  hotels by night. About half the meals were included in the tour - the rest were on our own. There were several optional events - we did four of those - about half.    

We drove thru many  miles of orange groves on the first leg from Barcelona to Valencia then olive and grape production then wheat once in central Spain.  A very interesting agricultural  tour as well as the cultural and historic aspects.  And nobody was working in any grove or field other than wheat harvest underway. The olives and oranges and grapes this time of year take care of themselves nicely.  

I'll put up a photo album someday and send a link - so many Cathedrals it's impossible to keep them straight without reference to our itinerary and the date time group on the images. We traveled about 1000 miles and had a tour of about 2000 years from the second century Romans to the Moors of sixth thru eleventh century then the Christians and several eras of decline and rebuilding.  Many sites were built on Roman foundations and then the Moorish fortresses and palaces were taken over and reused by the Christians some a few mods - such as replacing the minarets with a bell tower or cross.  .  

Tour bus was  a Mercedes - comfortable -with about 40 seats (same size Greyhound holds 55 passengers). Plenty of room on the bus and built for touring with good PA system, little airline style tray tables and overhead rack for carry ons. We rotated seats each day to give everyone a front view at some point.   No on board rest room so we made frequent stops - Felipe called them "coffee breaks". .   We stayed in excellent hotels by night and our Tour Director stayed with us start to finish supplemented by local guides in each city. I'll soon enough  be back to sleeping in trucks along with  Motel 6 and Day's Inn. The transition won't be easy.

Guides used a radio link for the tours - that too was new to me. The guide had the transmitter and each in our tour had  a small receiver with earbuds on a lanyard tuned to Channel 35 for our tour. Really a good format since you didn't have to crowd up close if - like  me - there is some hearing loss and guide didn't have to shout or use a bull horn.  Most tour groups were using similar so in places where there were many groups it made for a more peaceful, quieter experience for everyone. Great upgrade from former shouting matches and sill not hearing hall the narration. 

I'll guess many of us in the US have the wrong idea of Spain and Spanish people. Frankly if you'd plop Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia down alongside any large or medium sized US city the "first impressions" on about any basis would tilt toward Spain.  Clean cities, good streets, light rail and subway systems, rail links to other cities, cars on the road all look new and they are, people on the streets good looking. They're blondes, red heads, brunettes, light and dark complexion just like us but most are more trim.   Credit to their  Mediterranean diet and lots of olive oil.  Saw lots of bikes and a sea of motor bikes and scooters.   No US style Harleys - none.  Cars and motorbikes very quiet and not much  horn honking - again a gentler group than my memories of Rome.   i would miss a private home - I believe most in cities live in apartments throughout their lives. 

Vastly fewer armed guards in places where we'd have a small army on patrol.  Millions and millions of dollars of artwork and gold treasures in the Cathedrals and no guards inside - a couple outside. The major Cathedrals all had "Treasure Rooms" with dozens of large gold objects made from new world gold sent back to Spain - a whole room full of gold and no guards - I was astounded.   Kept thinking about the smash and grabs that would take place here.  Like  going to the Nelson and seeing no guards or maybe one or two unarmed ladies sitting in a few of the rooms - same with the Prado - full of Valesquez, Goya, El Greco and the other great 18th and 19th Century paintings  -- very lightly guarded and very accessible - a low rope all that marked the "don't touch" line.  

No photos allowed in El Prado so nothing to share from that visit. We shortchanged it but did get to visit and had a guided walking tour by Sergio who clearly loved the selection of works he took us to. Our local guides were knowledgeable and did a great job of explaining the sites and local culture both then and now.  

No modern art in El Prado - there is a separate modern art museum in Madrid but most of that is left to Barcelona - a city that houses the Picassos, Dalis and Miros and in general celebrates wider range of styles in art and architecture.  The Guggenheim that's seen in all the photos is in Bilbao - we did not get there since we did the Moorish heritage sites by traveling an arc across the south then north to Madrid on the central plateau.   

 My fav stops  probably Cordoba and Toledo but all were very interesting.  The Alhambra in Granada best known but less was remaining there of the interiors. Maybe most fun to visit were the old narrow streeted cities -like the Albacain in Granda and Old Town section of Toledo.  Cities in continuous occupation since the 12th century and as the guides kept telling us, very expensive to own a private residence there since they are so historic - like Willamsburg here but then add 500 more years of occupancy and history. 

Good trip - even better than expected  and largely due to Spain itself being much so interesting and easy to get around.  I'm sure there is poverty somewhere but even driving thru the outskirts of the cities we didn't see it. Nor in the countryside.  High unemployment but it doesn't show as much as it does in our cities with high unemployment.   Many young Spaniards have to go outside the country to find work - some to South America.     i think the poor don't look poor- maintain their places and themselves in more orderly manner. Perhaps. We were tourists so didn't see everything. 

Felilpe spoke several times of corruption  in all levels of government and kickbacks as  common business practice.   Comparing I-70 across Indiana and Spanish freeway  A-4  I'd say their kickback system is  working far better than our budget cutting of infrastructure maintenance.   And no comparison on  rail  - Spain vs U.S. And I think true throughout  Europe. Extensive and higher speeds  in Spain versus our intercity rail here in the U.S. 

Guide says everybody gets a new car every 3 years via subsidies from both govt and manufacturers and it looks it - no junkers - not even any faded paint.  Our 2002 Explorer would not be seen in Spain - it's getting to look raggedy so that would not do, then it's 12 years old so that for sure would not do and there are no full sized cars or SUVs.

 In all our travel we saw exactly one pick up and it was a small one Ranger style.  Pick up trucks essentially  do not exist in Spain where gas is 1.25 euros per liter or about $5.30 US per gallon.   Better to get 30 to 40 mpg than 14 mpg.   All semi trucks are cab over style and none of US or Canadian manufacture that I saw. The work vehicle is an enclosed cargo van apparently - no open pick ups. Once i noticed that I had the whole bus looking for a pickup and Gay spotted the one and only one we saw.  

 Easy to get euros at ATMS or I  just used my VISA card anyplace for anything. Many aspects of the travel easier now than for our 2007 trip to Italy and Greece.   Knowing Spanish to even my limited extent was very helpful - not so much for conversation but for signage. And I could usually get my thoughts across even with those who spoke only Spanish but becoming "conversational" is very hard in any foreign language. Most menus were in Spanish but turn them over for English or waiter would offer an English version. Tourism is a huge part of the economy so they do well at it. 

Pretty neat to stand in the Royal Palace in Sevilla where Columbus stood to discuss his voyages with the King and Queen. Magellan was there too - not same time.  Saw Columbus' tomb - one of several - 3 or 4 countries claim to hold his remains but the ones in Spain have been DNA tested versus known descendants and they feel they have the real Columbus.  Also the tombs of Ferdinand and Isabella in the Cathedral in Seville.

Saw  so many Cathedrals it's very hard now to keep them straight.  Really interesting to see the trail of occupancy from Roman occupation in 2nd, 3rd, 4th centuries to the Moors who held sway till they retreated and left the country to the Christians -  Roman Catholics and the Spanish monarchy.   

 For centuries Jews, Muslims and Christians lived in the same areas - not actually together but coexisted in their own communities alongside one another.   A good lesson for our times.  .  

Architecture of the bridges, fortresses, palaces and most of all the cathedrals a highlight of the travel - the later album will show some of those sights.  There are Roman structures throughout Europe and the great cathedrals of the Christian era but the very interesting Moorish era is unique mostly  to Spain and the story of how the Christians took over from the Moors - making use of their structures, craftsmen and architecture. Fortunately much of that progression remains for us to visit today -- or see on TV - Game of Thrones filmed recently at the Real  Alcazar or Royal Palace in Seville and many movies have used the Moorish castles as backdrops. Even one of the Star Wars films has scenes from the Palace in Seville  or was it Granada - that's my problems - too many similar sights visited to assimilate them all without notes and images. .  

Go there when you can - very easy travel. It'd be tun to rent a place in one of the small coastal towns accessible by rail and spend a month with rental car doing what we did in 8 days but at more leisurely pace.  We did a lot of walking - 4 or 5 miles per day with peak of about 6 miles per my step counter. Got along fine with it since it was slow paced for the narration and typically one site by morning and another in the afternoon.   No forced marches but enough activity to make the hotel room look very good to us each evening. The group did several optional evening tours - we skipped most of those and ate on our own which was fun in itself to have some time apart from the crowd and feel  a bit independent. .  

A couple of oddities - if you haven't been to Spain you will enter your hotel room and not know how to turn the lights on - you have to insert the hotel key card into a slot near the door to activate the lights. You may not know how to flush a toilet immediately - just look around there's a way but not the same way everywhere and not the same as "back home".    Ice - it's not "everywhere" as it is here. No ice bucket in the hotel - may have to ask for it with meal  and you'll likely have to pay 2 euros for a liter bottle of mineral water if you want water.   

Tapas are fun - appetizer sized servings of just about anything -. paella is the specialty  in Valencia,  seafood good everywhere. i told one of the guides i wanted to eat a Chinese meal in Spain - she said "Spanish people don't like Chinese food" and there are not many Chinese food places. We found one.  Yes to Burger King and KFC and McDonalds but not a lot of them.  Most stores and places to eat are Spanish - not many US chains.  I liked that - didn't travel across the sea to find a Walmart - none seen by that name anyway.    

Call Kari or Dave at Grand European Travel -they'll set you up.    Our particular tour was the "short course" called  "Highlights of Spain".  . The longer tours are more relaxed with some off days which would be nice.   Very hot in Seville and Madrid next three months - better in spring or fall. We lucked out for our three Seville and Madrid days - very cool for the season - low 70s by day and upper 50s by night or to go European 23C and 15C.   The tour guides loved the cool weather and we did too.  

Overseas travel is not cheap but after we'd completed the trip and I saw the quality of the hotels, the many included meals, the paid admissions and local guides and our bus driver Bernardo  and Tour Director Felipe  the basic price seems pretty reasonable. The overseas air in June about doubled the cost -might save some going more off season - September or October.   I look back on it as good value and i'm glad we did this tour with this outfit.  Very enjoyable 8 days in Spain.   

Dick and Gay Williams

Don Quixote and his valet - Sancho - staute honoring Cervantes in Madrid

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015
10:16 pm
Spring 2015 -
Mostly on the inactive list so far this year but hope to get back to some work in a week or two. The job list is heavy with TEREX units out of Watertown SD and 've been there once but it kills most of day getting there by bus or rental car then cab - so not my favorite place to go. We also see a lot units out of Waukesha WI - west side of Milwaukee. The east side of Milwaukee is called Lake Michican, just like Chicago. Those too entail 500 miles of travel to start the trip and a lost day.

Megabus sked to CHI has changed but not a lot - 7 30 pm departurefrom City Market area of KC and 6 am arrival in downtown CHI - so even better for getting started early in the day after the overnight bus ride and attempted sleep. $47 for near term - drops to $15 farther out and even some $1 seats if you book three months out. Former sked was 7 am arrival - 6 am even better for getting a Metra train out to the western or northern suburbs where most of our CHI outbounds seems to originate. There's a Burr Oak job on the list - Burr Oak to STL - might try for that one - as both ends are reasonably easy and cheap to reach or get out of.

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014
9:32 am
Still in the Game - yes
Long time between posts here to Live Journal - that's what happens when Facebook takes over as a person's onlinjea outlet - all others get left behind since FB is so immediate and interactive but here ww are - back at LJ with a post.  I am still moving trucks - have done 33 trips this year and was pretty active in September 2014- less so the past two weeks but that's partly due to the job list which has seen the Midwway Ford F-150 and F-250 pickups dry up temporarily. They've been my mainstay all year - probably 80% of the trucks I've moved have been Asplundh units going to their managers and foremen - always Ford trucks but in varying livery and equpiment. The higher level  the manager the better equipped their trucks but all are new and reliable and make for easy moves.

Here was a regular non-Asplundh unit I moved two weeks ago - a very short move from Elmhurst, Illinois to South Beloit, IL - about 83 miles, almost a suburb to suburb move except South Beloit is near Rockford and out beyond O'Hare by 40 miles. Had to used Van Galder bus to get back to the city then Amtrak's Southwest Chief to KC.

I see some changes in LJ online entry since my last time using their interface. Trying to add and image but it's not taking so far. I'l get there.


OK there it  is and  the unit was a 1998 IHC 4700 bucket truck that was in surpringly good condition  being moved to the JJ Kane auction lot for Oct 23 auction - it was the old style IHC cab and dash that I don't see much anymore but was very common when I started this work in 2001 - the newer style cab layout much preferred but this one was clean, had been in use recently and except for 80 miles of contruction on i-290 and I-90 was an easy move.

i spent the night in the Chicago Hostel so i could get the 5 53 am Metra  UP West train out to Villa Park then Uber cab to the city garage to make the pick up. Hostel rate is about $43 now but still a bargain for clean/safe downtown CHI place to stay - really no other choice under $100. Uber is great - my cost was $7.14 for the short ride from Villa Park Metra stop 3 miles to the garage. Later in South Beloit for about the the same distance, regular cab was $18 - a gouge via their "flat rate". Should have inquired deeper but didn't have any oother choices out there as the Rockford cabs wanted $40 just to to come to South Beloit. No wonder Uber is taking over a lot of biz from traditional cabs - but they don't serve all areas so I often have to use regular cab service.  i've used Uber twice - both times good experiences - it's cool to watch your driver approach you via the Uber smartphone app and you get his or her name and photo before they show up.   That is a big change in this work - the number of cell fone apps I used regularly - very handy in many ways.  If yoiu sign up with Uber here's a code that will get you $30 in credit toward your first use:   UberRJW . I get some credits too. We both win.

Well there's a shorty to prove I'm alive - will try to do some more and maybe reprise some past trips that had a few interesting moments - actually moving the Asplundh units there's not too much drama. They're new, we don't cross the scales and most are well equipped - some even with Sirius XM. The upper echelon managers get those dressed out units.

Facebook for more of the give and take - just sort thru about 10,000 people with my name. Imposters every one of them.
Saturday, August 10th, 2013
2:29 pm
SITREP - Augsut 2013
Still in the drvieaway biz but minimally - this summer a lot of Medicab work - not for revenue but for family so with medical appointments scattered thru the week the opportunities to do any trucking have been very limited.

I have mainly been moving Asplundh units out of Midway Truck Sales here in Kansas City to Asplundh sites within about 700 miles. Made a 3rd delivery to Harrison AR last month and most recent trip was with a Ford Escape to Ft. Wayne IN a week ago.

I was surprised at how Ford has downsized the Escape - it's now a crossover SUV. This one had working Sirius XM which I enjoy and have lucked into it quite often in these Asplundh units. That went to Ft. Wayne IN and I opted for a rental car return. The return turned out to be more interesting that the revenue run eastbound.

I have preordered a compact thru Avis - one way - one day rental for $93. When i showed up they had me in an Infinity - several categories of upgrade from Compact to Luxury. Showing I wasn't used to Luxury class I had to get the agent to even start the vehicle. It has Prius style keyless start - which I have seen but I was forgetting to press on the brake to allow engine start. Over that hurdle I set out for Kansas City around 5 pm after having just driven 630 miles from KC to Ft. Wayne. That was the plan but not a promise . Wanted to be back in KC around 2 am but didn't happen, Just too out of gas when I got to Effingham IL so took the exit at Pilot and shut down for about hours. That felt good and made it back to KC around 8 am versus 2 am. That was ok.

A friend from Portland was in Kansas City on a cross country trip and i didn't get together with him in KC. By odd coincidence he too was going to Ft. Wayne but about 12 hours behind me so we arranged by text message to stay in touch and planned to meet on I-70 after I'd made my droip in FWA and was again westbound. i'd estimated before either of us left KC that we'd meet up around Terre Haute and that proved to be right - i got there a bit before Arin and his family but had time to fuel then we met at Steak and Shake for a quick meal and "eyeball QSO" in ham radio parlance. We were both on a mission - he wanted to get to FWA that night and I wanted to get home. He did better than I did and as mentioned not very far west of Terre Haute I gave it up.

Nice ride in the Infinity - six hundred miles not enough time to work thru all the meunus in the Info system. I found working Sirius XM again and working GPS. Usually in rentals those are options you have to pay extra for but I guess in that class of rental all the toys are part of the deal.
Got about 28 mpg in both the Escape and the Infinity.

A decal on the fuel door advised use of Premium fuel. I thought it was a bluff so got straight unleaded at first fill, middle grade at the 2nd fill and the last fill prior to turning it in I didn't need much and did add Premium. As I was checking the car in at KCI Avis I made mention of putting Premium fuel in the vehicle and the agent pecked at her little wireless checking device and printed out a coupon good for $25 on my next Avs rental. She said I didn't need to put in Premium I got much more back via the coupon that I spent on the Premium fuel. Funny. I have another Avis rental coming up so will make good use of the $25 coupon.

My HP desktop is about 3 years old and the hard drive went out - files were ok but would not load Win 7 so have to get a new drive for it. While it was down I took advantage of Missouri's tax free weekend and bought a Samsung Chromebook - a basic notebook size computer. Pretty basic but lightweight and fast - and at $259 pretty inexpensive. Like it - still getting accustomed to some quirky features but it's pretty useful to be able to carry it around the house and do the basics, email and web searches. It's WiFi only - so is only useful on the road when Wi Fi is available but that's pretty common at places like McDonalds and motels and coffee shops. The days of having to really work to find WiFi signal are somewhat in the past if your'e in a metro area. And Greyhound and Megabus are mostly WiFi equipped now - so it'll go with me on some trips. Six hour battery life - that's great and better than my very lame cell phone with old depleted battery that lasts about an hour off charger.
Saturday, March 30th, 2013
9:28 pm
Back on the Trucking Trails
Seemed pretty unlikely to me but after an 18 month absence I have returned to the gyspy life of driveaway trucking. I am back!

As portrayed here on LJ I did temp work thru Adecco principally for the ETS AP project and for Halmark - that big distribution center conveyor line job subject of a couple of articles here. After the 2nd year of ETS work at Bartle hall ended in June 2012 I had only one more Adecco request for work - a 3 night stint removing security tags at Burlington Coat Outlet on the midnight shift - lousy work. In late November 2012 my Driveaway USA dispatcher, Corrie, called and reported they had a new client and would need extra drivers for a project out of Oklahoma City moving completed trucks to points north and northeast.

Since I was "between jobs" - meaning wasn't doing anything - I agreed . My CDL was still intact - I did have to sign back on with DUSA and do all the contract stuff that I had declined to do for several years - I knew that would happen when I said "yes". I think there were 32 pages of docs to sign to re-up with them - a very 'defensive' set of docs all in favor of company and I'd say three times as many such docs as with the original enlistment back i 2001. I was out of service from May 2011 till Dec 2012 so will have driveaway contract work on both year's tax returns - even with an 18 months absence.

It's now the end of March 2013 - I've been back on the road for four months and my trips have centered on two principal clients -Asplundh -the tree service outfit with the bright orange trucks - and ETI - a company in OKC that puts service bodies on Ford F450  bodies. Both sets of jobs have been Class C or non-CDL moves . I've done only a few  Class B (over 26,000 pounds and requiring a CDL) moves but the Class C stuff has worked out OK. Dispatch is giving decent  help with the deadheading transportation this time around and the 40 cent rate per mile for Class C is better than it used to be - meaning the rate is the same but  my own out of pocket has been less so my net is the same or better.A company has restored a fuel bonus that adds pay to some trip - mainly when the driver inherits fuel on board.

IHC Dura Max chassis - body by Hackney and Sons - Independence KS

Current job is number 18 in this second life - a 2013 IHC Dura Max chassis with body by Hackney and Sons in Independence KS. We did a lot of work for Hackney early in my first life - the it dwindled to very little work as Hackney went into bankruptcy and their production slowed to a crawl. They are back in production at a decent clip but they're principally using Mamo for their driveaway service so we don't even get a dribble from them - we get a drop. There's one client that specified DUSA to make deliveries so we get an isolated job now and then from Independence KS to Norfolk NE. This weekend that's my job.

Jefferson Lines no longer goes to Independence KS - the closest stop is Coffeyville, KS about 20 miles from Independence so it's the 4 am JL bus out of KC for Tulsa then Wichita Falls that makes a stop at 7 20 am in Coffeyville. From there the owner of the Yellow Front Resale store has a new cottage industry of shuttling drivers to Independence for $30 a ride or $25 if more than one passenger. Frankly a very fair rate - about what I would charge when i was doing shuttles here in KC. Another driver had made the bus trip down so there were two of us for the 30 minute ride to Hackney.

I hadn't been on the Hackney lot in a long time - 2 years at least but man did it feel familiar. In fact everything about this work has felt familiar here in the second session. My truck was and is in red Coca Cola livery and i was off the lot at 9 am - fueled at what used to be Bailey's Corner - now a no name but still selling diesel so i stayed with 'em out of continuity and the fact I know my way around their aisles and shelves. Thirty seven gallons in the 50 gallon tank - better than normal for a Hackeny pickup but this truck had 960 miles on it so it had been somewhere and was going back. in fact that's about right for a round triop to Norfolk so i suspect that is the story - went back to the factory for some rework.

There is one bus a day out of Norfolk - a small 16 pax shuttle fan leaves every morning at 8 am for Omaha - and there is that one bus a day to Independence. No way to make those two sked work so you can do the trip without a layover at home here in KC or a motel - or a very long time just "hanging out" in the Coke truck. I stashed the unit on my auxiliary parking lot - Lowes Boardwalk Square - it's there now . I will leave Sunday night around 10 pm and give me self lots to time to do the 300 miles to Norfolk which means time for a Rest Area nap up on I-29 probably.

Then the close call of this run. The receiver opens at 7 30 and they're particular - I know that from prior drops same place and same service manager. They want to thoroughly inspect the truck - not just have it show up on their door step that night. So 7 30 drop and white glove inspection - the promise of a ride to the bus station and wiht some luck I make the 8 am van to OMA - failing that 23 hours and 50 minutes to kill in Norfolk. Closer than i like but the other route is a motel for probably $50 so we'll do it the max sweat but less costly way.

Now the other bad news about bus service. Used to be there was a four hour layover in OMA waiting for a southbound Jefferson lines but to KC. Now it's a six hour layover and six hours is a long layover. Back to KC at 8 30 pm and that's how you kill two days and many hours on a trip that pays for 439 revenue miles. no way a good deal - I anticipate help with all the transportation - and maybe a spifff for the inconvenience factor. Everybody sees this as a bad trip - nobody wants it - but it keeps our foot in the door in minor way with Hackney and i won't lose money - just won't make much for the two day effort.

Anything else interesting in this new era? Due mom-care here in KC I am not taking long trips but may seek a dispensation to do a west coast trip sometime as I'd really like to go to LA or SFO Bay area again. Or Portland OR. I have been to Chattanooga and Cleveland - myl longest trips. Went into sub zero weather several times during our very cold winter weather spells. I've stayed out of falling snow but have seem plenty of snow once it was on the ground. Those trips include Kewanee IL and two to Sheboygan WI.

Another negative - Greyhound no longer has the Discovery Pass program so we all buy individual tickets. i make regular use of my Veteran's Advantage discount card on Greyhound and Greyhound now has Print at Home so i can ticket from home which is great - saves having to visit the always busy counter at the KC terminal.

How long will is session last? Not long - no ten years as the first oe did. Probably September will end it. I have enjoyed being back on the road - the aspect i like are still there long with the tribulations but no surprises - I'm used to all the stuff his work an throw at you and so far it's been a pretty easy run due the fact I've mainly been delivering new "glorified pickups" for Asplundh and ETI.

There, you're up to date if anyone happens across this journal.

Happy Trails - part two

dick williams
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